Peter Churchill-Smith MBA

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Peter Churchill-Smith is one of those rare individuals with the relationship-building skills of an extrovert and the analytical nature of an introvert. As a senior member of Newport’s Investment Committee, he can be counted on to dig into the fine print of a prospectus.

In particular, Peter contributes valued credit analysis and due diligence capabilities — acquired during his previous career as a commercial banker, first with Mercantile Bank of Canada (now National Bank of Canada).  He was then a founding executive of Morguard Bank of Canada, which he helped grow from start-up in 1980 to its sale in 1986 to a major U.S. bank.

Preferring the lasting relationships of wealth management over the transactional nature of banking, Peter joined Connor Clark Private Trust (now RBC Private Counsel) as portfolio manager in 1991. Then, as now, Peter’s primary focus was on serving a business owner clientele because as he recalls, “As a banker, I saw many entrepreneurs struggle emotionally after the sale of their company. I wanted to help them effect a more positive transition — personally, professionally and financially.”

Today, Peter is a recognized authority on business sellers and regularly shares his observations with business groups and the media.

In his spare time, Peter applies his meticulous attention to detail to cabinetry making and restoring fine cars.

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