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You protect your health and family. We’ll protect and grow your wealth.

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We built the kind of company we needed, and couldn’t find.

IN 1998, we were senior investment executives who had helped build a company that was bought by a major bank. We’d seen the flaws in traditional business models: an emphasis on gathering assets over managing assets, inherent conflicts of interest, and no ability to access to institutional-quality investments.

IN 2001, we set out to create a new kind of wealth management firm – based on what we wanted for the management of our own wealth and the practices of ultra-high-net-worth investors. We were Newport’s first clients.

TODAY, we are one of Canada’s largest independent private wealth firms. We have many more clients, but our principles remain the same.

What taking a different perspective means for your wealth.

Investment principles of the ultra-high-net-worth.

Independent Outside the Box Thinking

Active management should be just that. We don’t follow the crowd and our portfolios look nothing like the index. We think differently to protect capital and seize opportunity.

The Returns You Expect, Lower Risk and Volatility

The “smart money” knows steady performance is better performance. Our aim – and our track record – is to meet or exceed benchmarks after fees over a full market cycle, with less risk and volatility.

Exclusive Private Investments

It’s well known that alternative private assets help stabilize portfolios. And the quality of institutional-level private investments we are able to source is out of reach for most investors – and investment firms.

Timely Transparent Communications

Performance reporting that’s clear as day and regular, honest communications tell you exactly how your portfolio is doing, what our investment strategy is and why. No more guesswork.

Alignment and Accountability

Your money is invested alongside ours in the same strategies and investments.

Wealth Planning Expertise

Comprehensive advice to organize and optimize your wealth and peace of mind. Because if you’re just managing your investments, you’re not truly managing your wealth.

A tradition of investing in alternatives.

Institutional quality. Scrupulously vetted. Uncommonly diversified.

Private Debt

A portfolio of loans to mid-market U.S. companies

Garden-style Apartments

Highly-targeted locations and properties in fast-growing cities within the U.S. southeast


Major global infrastructure projects available exclusively to institutional investors

We like to work with clients who share our investment values.

  • Do you have wealth that is important to you that you cannot or do not want to replace?

  • Are you a long-term, patient investor with a minimum 5-year outlook?

  • Do you have realistic return expectations?

  • Do you favour a lower-volatility portfolio with solid returns over one that aims for the highest returns?

  • Are you comfortable delegating day-to-day investment decisions?

If you answer yes, we may be a good fit. Please get in touch for an exploratory conversation.

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