Policies that protect your interests.

At Newport Private Wealth our pledge is that We Take A Different Perspective. Yours.

This is more than a marketing slogan. It is the touchstone on which we base the daily decisions of our business – whether these decisions are of an investment, operational, service, or governance nature.

Governance – the ways and means by which we ensure that all clients receive fair and ethical treatment – is core to our ability to earn and maintain the trust of our client families. We strive to set and adhere to the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct and to that end, we have adopted the best practices developed by professional associations and regulators.

If you are considering hiring Newport Private Wealth, or any other money manager, we encourage you to enquire about the governance policies and standards for ethics and conduct that protect your interests as a client of the firm. Please ask us about ours.

We believe transparent communication of our governance policies builds trust. Consistent execution is how we will maintain it.

Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement