Why Choose Us

Our clients are all across Canada. People from various walks of life, different ages, levels of wealth and investment experience. Here are nine of the many reasons why they chose us.

  • Exclusive Focus on Individuals and Families

    Unlike many of our competitors who manage money for institutions, we are laser-focused on providing wealth management for individuals and families because their needs are different. The counsel we provide reflects the deep expertise of our professional team across all disciplines and is born out of decades working for affluent families—so you benefit from the collective experience of other people in similar situations.

  • Holistic Wealth Management

    You will experience an integrated and personalized approach to optimizing your overall financial well-being – in addition to professional investment management.

  • Independent Thinking

    We have no other competing or conflicting lines of business to distract us from you and your unique investment and wealth management needs.

  • Alignment with Clients

    We invest our own families’ wealth alongside our clients. Together, we take the same risks and enjoy the same rewards. We seek the best solutions for you and for ourselves. Our only bias is toward excellence.

  • Dynamic Diversification

    In addition to traditional investments, we invest in genuinely alternative asset classes, such as private real estate, infrastructure, mortgages, etc., which are typically inaccessible to retail investors but provide stability in a portfolio. We actively change our weightings in each asset class depending on our outlook. We are anything but an index fund.

  • The Returns You Expect. Less Risk and Volatility.

    Our investment approach is purpose built to earn steadier returns and weather market downturns with confidence. We are creative and resourceful in identifying assets that can produce returns even when conventional stocks and bonds are performing poorly.

  • Exceptional Professional Team

    Our Investment Committee is a brain trust of investment professionals with previous experience as analysts, commercial lenders, investment bankers, accountants, lawyers – as opposed to one or two lead individuals. We believe the diversity of skill sets and perspectives along with the depth of experience contribute to better investment decisions.

  • Independent, Specialist Money Managers

    We supplement our internal resources with external specialists for every asset class – carefully-selected, coordinated in tandem and monitored by our Investment Committee. We maintain total objectivity and take no financial or other benefit in retaining such managers.

  • Extraordinary Service

    We know our clients by name, not by account number. We have built successful and lasting client relationships by providing excellent client service, often to multiple generations of the same family.