Why Lonsdale?

Most people start out building an investment portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs and maybe a sprinkling of stocks and bonds.

With wealth, however, more sophisticated investment options become available.

Enter the world of high-net-worth and institutional investors.

These investors sit higher up the hierarchy, which means they benefit from: access to unique, alternative investments; specialist money managers generally not available to the investing public; a truly professional investment process, and oversight and governance provided by an Investment Committee. This is how the ‘Smart Money’ invests – and it’s one reason more dependable returns and less volatility are available to them.

Fortunately, these advantages are also available to households with more than $300,000 of savings through Lonsdale Portfolios. The Lonsdale Portfolios are managed by the Newport Investment Committee – the seasoned team of professional investors who manage the portfolios of some of Canada’s wealthiest families.


About Newport Private Wealth

Newport is one of Canada’s leading and fastest-growing wealth management firms. From our locations in Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; Kelowna, British Columbia; Kingston, Ontario; and Waterloo, Ontario, Newport provides wealth management for high-net-worth clients from coast to coast.

To find out what sets Newport apart from other wealth management companies, watch our corporate video.