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Ready for your 6-month (financial) check-up?

It’s hard to believe we’re half-way through 2018 already.

How are you doing against the financial priorities you set for yourself? Has it been awhile since you checked your progress? Earlier this year, we provided our annual financial planning checklist to make it easy to assess.

Everyone’s situation is different, but in the checklist are basic planning tasks and deadlines to help you ensure your financial affairs are properly organized and optimized. The summer is a good time to tackle more reflective tasks, have conversations with family members and set yourself up to finish the year strong.

An additional note since the time of original posting is the introduction of new rules on income sprinkling for private corporations and their shareholders. The final rules and their interpretation will hopefully be clarified shortly. Although you may want to begin planning, taking action on any re-structuring should be deferred until such time.

View checklist here.