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Q1 2024 Review & Economic Outlook

In Newport’s Q1 2024 update video and economic outlook, Newport’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Kinney, highlights Newport’s investment approach, results from the most recent quarter and timely insights on the current environment.

All five of Newport’s mandates achieved positive returns in Q1, underscoring our commitment to long-term investment strategies to preserve our clients’ wealth. This is underpinned by diversification across 12 public and private asset classes, which shields our portfolio from the type of volatility that impacts portfolios comprised solely of stocks and bonds.

Looking ahead, while the prospects for inflation and interest rates seem to be aligning favourably, our extensive experience advises caution against overly optimistic forecasts. Newport remains dedicated to meticulous insight gathering from our specialized managers and steadfast adherence to our strategic approach.

If your portfolio is not benefiting from broad asset class exposure and a pragmatic and strategic approach to protecting your wealth, we invite you to get in touch. We would be happy to arrange a call or video conference with a member of our wealth management team to learn more about Newport’s approach.

Watch our video update to learn more.