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Q4 2023 Review & Economic Outlook

In our latest Investment Update, featuring insights on the fourth quarter from Newport’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Kinney. Mark discusses the actions we took in the quarter to continue to protect assets amidst market highs and lows. He also shares a perspective on how 2024 is unfolding and what Newport’s Investment Committee is watching. We are prepared for continued momentum shifts; as always, the key is to look beyond near-term cycles and focus on investing in high quality assets. This reflects our investment strategy, which is structured to withstand the challenges posed by ever-shifting market dynamics. Newport maintains a long view, with a focus on stability and consistent cash flows.

At Newport, we firmly believe that sound investment principles yield consistent, positive results over time.

If your portfolio is not benefiting from broad asset class exposure and a pragmatic and strategic approach to protecting your wealth, we invite you to get in touch. We would be happy to arrange a call or video conference with a member of our wealth management team to learn more about Newport’s approach.

Watch our video update to learn more.