Our Views

First steps on the path forward

Some of us walked the streets of Toronto today alongside peaceful protesters who expressed grief and anger over recent events in the U.S., as well as solidarity with other protesters in cities across North America. As a firm, we share many of these emotions, yet we’ve struggled to find the words to express them adequately. Frankly, there really are no words that can possibly capture the magnitude of this social reckoning, or the sheer scope of unjust challenges that are a fact of life for so many.

What we can say is that we believe in equality. We believe in inclusion and equal opportunity. We believe that race should never determine whether or not a person gets to live their dreams, or has the chance to create a successful future for their families—although we know that all too often, that is the case. Perhaps most importantly, we believe in listening, learning and becoming better people. Recent events have further broadened our perspective on the challenges faced by our friends and neighbours from racialized communities. Their pain is real and it must be recognized.

Being better is a journey that will take time. It’s not easy, and comes with its own unique pitfalls. But it’s one that we embrace—and can all embark on to create positive change in our communities and beyond. The issue of racism in society is systemic and complex, and we want to be part of the solution. As we chart a meaningful course for the future, we intend to share our actions with you along the way.