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Newport Private Wealth is now open for business in Kingston

Kingston added to client service teams in Kelowna, Edmonton and Toronto to bring personalized private wealth management to more families across Canada.

Toronto, Canada, April 12, 2021 Newport Private Wealth, one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing independent wealth management firms serving high-net-worth individuals and families, is delighted to announce that it has opened for business in Kingston, Ontario. Heading the client service team in Kingston is Jason Trueman, who will give families based in eastern Ontario and beyond greater access to Newport’s personalized private wealth management services.

“Our clients’ growth is the cornerstone of our business, and with it, the growth of the Newport family,” says Douglas Brown, Co-founder, President & CEO of Newport Private Wealth. “It’s wonderful to welcome Jason to the Newport family, and to add his expertise in wealth planning and insurance to our team.”

A Kingston-area native, Trueman has built a solid reputation as a private wealth management advisor in eastern Ontario and across Canada.

“I have long been an admirer of Newport Private Wealth and its impressive team,” says Jason. “Newport’s holistic approach to wealth planning, its differentiating investment strategy and its culture mesh with my own values and personalized approach to client relationships. I am thrilled to be joining at this stage in the company’s growth.”

Brown, along with partners Mark Kinney and David Lloyd, founded Newport Private Wealth in 2001 after having sold a predecessor wealth management firm to a major bank. They needed a solution for their own wealth and felt they could do better than what the market was offering at the time. “What was missing was the client’s perspective,” says Brown. “We created Newport from the ground up, adopting the best practices we knew and eliminating as many of the conflicts of interest to align the firm’s interests with clients.”

Since the company’s inception 20 years ago, Newport has attracted an extensive client base across Canada – from entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals to retirees, and some of the country’s wealthiest multi-generational families. They count on the firm to provide holistic wealth planning in addition to discretionary investment management.

“If you’re just managing your investments, you’re not truly managing your wealth,” observes Brown. “We help people better manage their entire balance sheet and all of the issues inherent to wealth. We look forward to extending that philosophy and service offering to new clients in Kingston and beyond.”

About Newport Private Wealth
Newport Private Wealth is one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms serving high- net-worth families. Since 2001, the firm has protected and grown wealth for clients through effective financial planning and an investment management approach that has produced dependable results with low volatility. Its methodology is based on principles and methodologies used by successful institutional and ultra-high-net-worth investors for decades. Newport invests in both alternative and traditional asset classes for greater diversification, lower risk and less reliance on stocks and bonds for income and growth. The Newport Investment Committee sets the investment strategy and asset mix and makes investment allocation decisions using independent specialist money managers with unique expertise in each asset class. Newport Private Wealth is owned and managed by its investment professionals who invest their own capital alongside clients.