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Newport ranked among best financial advisors

How do you find the best financial advisor for your needs?

There is no shortage of willing providers. According to data from Strategic Insight, there are 4,700 financial advisors providing discretionary money management services in Canada.

One company, California-based AdvisoryHQ News Corp., has designed a service to help investors refine the universe of options. Its editorial, research, and ranking teams conduct extensive due diligence to identify, select, and rank the top companies and then publish the findings online for anyone to access free of charge.

Each year, AdvisoryHQ publishes its annual list of the Best Financial Advisors by city and for three years in a row, Newport has been pleased to be among the list of Best Financial Advisors, Toronto.

We only became aware of our ranking through prospective clients, who told us they learned about us from the list.

AdvisoryHQ reports that its rankings are based on a wide range of filters including: quality of services provided, overall value provided, transparency, customized services, history of innovation, customer experience (positive and negative), level of independence, team excellence and other factors. We agree those are excellent starting points. You can then layer on questions and criteria that reflect your personal needs and expectations to find the best financial advisor for you. In a previous blog post, we provided a list of questions you might want to consider when conducting your search.