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11 Picks for Your Summer Podcast List

Planes, trains and automobiles…when we’re not outside enjoying the summer weather, chances are we’ll be hitting the road to escape to the cottage or further afield. To make the time fly by, more and more people are tuning into podcasts, and the Newport team is no exception.

Here’s a sampling of 11 to consider in our Summer Podcast List. Filled with picks that range from humorous to informative, thought provoking, inspirational, with plenty of sports, there is sure to be one here that you’ll want to download.

Read on to see what the team recommends for your listening pleasure.


If there’s a podcast that may well be the official Newport podcast of choice, it’s Smartless, named by many as one of their favourites. An intelligent blend of humour and insights, the show’s unscripted and spontaneous conversations with an array of celebrity guests give hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes the perfect format to flex their comedic muscles.

Mark Kinney, Newport’s co-founder and Chief Investment Officer says, “It’s my favourite podcast. I listen to it on long highway drives. It’s very entertaining and helps pass the time quickly.”

Smartless on Apple Podcast  |  Smartless on Google Podcast


Dára Salamah, Associate Portfolio Manager, recommends Cruces en el disierto, an episode from Las Raras, a documentary podcast series. Winner of the best documentary in a language that isn’t English by the Third Coastal International Audio Festival, it’s available in several translations. “It speaks to a humanitarian crisis in a very raw manner. It’s often described as an emotional sound journey to educate,” says Salamah.

Las Raras: Cruces en el desierto on Apple PodcastsLas Raras: Cruces en el desierto on Google Podcast


Serious Coin

Caitlin Chapman, Portfolio Manager, is a listener of Kelly Willis Green’s wealth management podcast, Serious Coin. Green was  Newport’s Chief Marketing Officer for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the subject of coming into money. “Kelly has always been passionate about trying to understand the psyche of wealthy individuals and this platform allows her to share her knowledge and stories,” says Chapman.

Serious Coin on Apple PodcastsSerious Coin on Google Podcast

Capital Allocators - Inside the Institutional Investment Industry

For those who want an inside look at the industry, Kevin Dean, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, recommends Capital Allocators, an institutional investing podcast hosted by Ted Seides. Siedes conducts in-depth interviews with leaders in this space, with access to the most interesting thinkers in the business. A member of Newport’s Investment Committee, Dean finds the podcast particularly insightful.

Capital Allocators on Apple Podcasts  |  Capital Allocators on Google Podcasts


Huberman Lab

A certified nutritional practitioner by training, Carla Tchor, Portfolio Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President, enjoys podcasts that are both informative and inspiring. Along with With Love, Danielle, a podcast rooted in self-realization with an edge hosted by Danielle LaPorte. Tchor is also a big fan of Huberman Lab, with Dr. Andrew Huberman. “It’s about progressive neuroscience and the relationship between the brain, how we live our lives and our health.”

Huberman Lab on Apple PodcastsHuberman Lab on Google Podcast
With Love, Danielle on Apple PodcastsWith Love, Danielle on Google Podcast

The Mel Robbins PodcastCarly McGrath, Newport’s Integration Manager, loves The Mel Robbins Podcast. “Mel is a straight shooter who uses her life experience to empower listeners with a yes-you-can attitude.” The podcast motivates with personal stories, relatable topics and tactical, research-backed advice to help listeners create a better life.

The Mel Robbins Podcast on Apple PodcastsThe Mel Robbins Podcast on Google Podcast


The Bill Simmons Podcast

Aidan Peacock, Associate Portfolio Manager, has been listening to The Bill Simmonds Podcast for over a decade. Simmonds is creator of The Ringer, a sports and pop culture media network. “It’s a funny sports and pop culture podcast that serves as a nice way to relax during my commute,” says Peacock.

The Bill Simmons Podcast on Apple PodcastsThe Bill Simmons Podcast on Google Podcast

Spittin' Chicklets

For Jamie Lloyd, it’s all about Spittin’ Chiclets, an NHL-focused podcast featuring former NHL veterans Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette. They, along with Barstool Sports writer Rear Admiral and producer Mike Grinnell, bring their outspoken and irreverent opinions to the masses. “It’s really entertaining, and they have great guests from the sports world.”

Spittin’ Chiclets on Apple PodcastsSpittin’ Chiclets on Google Podcast

Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective

David Lui, Senior Corporate Accountant, listens to Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective. “It keeps me up to date on NBA basketball news, and feeds me trade rumours.” Featuring a team of ESPN’s insiders, The Hoop Collective sorts out life in and around the NBA world.

Brian Windhorst on Apple PodcastsBrian Windhorst on Google Podcast

The Tony Kornheiser Show

“On Monday and Tuesday mornings, I listen to The Tony Kornheiser Show in the car for my 50-minute commute,” says Pam Brenman, Newport’s Chief Compliance Officer. “Tony is in his 80s and is one of the most recognizable and outspoken commentators in sports and entertainment.”

While Brenman isn’t a sports fan per se, she says “it’s my chauffeur’s early morning choice.” Meaning her husband. “It’s a nice mix of sports and general interest for me. I find Tony quite humorous.”

The Tony Kornheiser Show on Apple PodcastsThe Tony Kornheiser Show on Google Podcast

And, in case you missed it, we also recently shared Newport’s Summer Reading List, available here. Enjoy the summer months ahead!