Pam Brenman

Chief Compliance Officer

Pam Brenman is the kind of person who never stops questioning, seeking answers and finding creative ways to broaden her personal and professional knowledge. She taps those characteristics, along with an unwavering dedication to ethical business conduct, in her role as Newport’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

Pam built her unique skill set over a varied career that began with a large Canadian life insurance company, where she worked on the investment management team. The department was later spun off as an independent asset management firm. Pam reported to the CCO of the new division, who would often ask for her assistance in compliance matters. She fell in love with the responsibility and decided to make it her vocation. After completing the requisite exams, Pam eventually took over the role when the CCO departed.

Several mergers and acquisitions later—and having served as Director of Operations & CCO for these newly formed firms, Pam was most recently the Director of Information & Business Solutions at one of Canada’s leading investment management firms—Pam joined Newport in 2020 where she is tasked with ensuring that Newport adopts best practices in meeting its regulatory and legislative compliance requirements.

“There are a couple of quotes that I live by,” she explains, “One of them is from Albert Einstein: ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.’ I think that not only sums up my view, but also Newport’s commitment to always be developing new ways to deliver value to our clients.”

When she’s not at work, Pam can often be found taking in a good boot camp, spin or hot yoga class, and spending time with her family—often over brunch or dinner. She’s also currently taking French lessons, working hard to grow our cohort of multilingual team members.

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