Stephen R. Hafner CFA®

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Steve’s passion for income-producing investments developed early in his career. Having spent seven years as a commercial banker with Barclays Bank, he developed the tools to analyze income statements.  “When part of your return is in the form of a sustainable income stream, whether it’s dividends, rent or interest payments, you can generally afford to be more patient for capital gains,” he explains.

In 1993, Steve put his commercial lending and analytical skills to work for individuals who wanted to become better investors and entered the world of investment counseling. From 1996 to 2003, he was a Vice President at TAL Private Management Ltd. (now CIBC Asset Management), where he worked for some of the wealthiest families in the country.

Steve’s experience is that wealth brings a different set of obstacles. “Being able to offer multiple solutions allows me to help those encountering these challenges for the first time,” he says.

Since 2003, Steve has been a senior member of Newport’s Investment Committee and the management team. He is also a community leader, having founded and built a children’s sailing school and served on the board of various not-for-profit organizations.  Steve has been racing sailboats competitively most of his life, and competes at an international level.

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