Alexander Meffe

Associate, Wealth Planning Group

Alex Meffe grew up around finance. His father is an advisor for a major brokerage, and although the nuances of finance were initially unclear to him as a child, he came to recognize the positive impact his father had on clients’ lives by helping them achieve their goals. This understanding shaped his perception of the financial services industry.

Now working in the same field, Alex is driven by the opportunity to educate clients, plan strategically, and enhance the value of their wealth management processes. He thrives in his role within Newport’s Wealth Planning Group. “I think one of my greatest skills is that I don’t get stuck in the weeds. I can step back, look at a larger, holistic view of the situation, and make planning decisions that make sense with the big picture in mind.”

Alex acknowledges the emotional challenges of wealth management, noting the difficulty clients face when markets dip dramatically. He emphasizes the importance of guiding clients to maintain the course and avoid reactive decisions.

A 2024 Level II CFA candidate, Alex’s academic background includes an undergraduate degree from Western University’s Ivey Business School in London, Ontario. His internships at RBC Dominion Securities were complemented by various non-finance roles, which he credits with enhancing his ability to work effectively with people. This skill is vital in wealth management, a field he notes requires both analytical and strong interpersonal skills. It’s a quality he values at Newport. “The team here aren’t just analytical… they have great interpersonal skills. It’s the blend that really helps us connect with clients and understand their needs deeply.”

An avid traveler, Alex has explored over 30 cities across 15 countries during a semester abroad in his final year at Western. Alex lives in Toronto, where he stays active by working out, running along the waterfront, and playing golf during the summer months.