Ian Maclean CFA®

Portfolio Manager

Ian’s approach to investing is based on the fundamental principle that every investment portfolio needs its own carefully tailored plan. “Our job is to create a unique roadmap for each client, but the route needs to be flexible and accommodate economic and personal changes,” he notes.

Ian’s experience and hard work help him put those plans into action. After earning a B.A. (Honours) degree in Law from Carleton University, including a year at Sheffield Hallam University Law School in the United Kingdom, Ian turned his attention to business. He started in the Client Service department of a major Canadian asset management firm, before advancing to progressively more senior roles at Canadian and global financial institutions. Prior to joining Newport in 2020, Ian was Vice President and Investment Counsellor at one of the world’s largest financial institutions, where he spent almost four years.

Ian came by his passion for investing honestly. “My father was a portfolio manager and through him I saw the fulfillment that comes from having a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of clients.” His passion keeps him motivated every day. “I love the multifaceted nature of this job, no day is the same,” says Ian. “One day I’m drilling into the technical factors moving the economy and the next I’m sitting with a client’s children giving an ‘investing 101 lesson’. But what gets me out of bed each day is knowing that I’m helping people achieve satisfaction and peace of mind financially.”

When not in the office, Ian can usually be found either on the golf course or a squash court – or pursuing his favorite artistic activity, cooking for his family.

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