Owen Clarke BMOS

Manager, Business and Client Development

Long before Owen Clarke was old enough to open his own investment account, he was fascinated with the world of finance. Exposed to financial news media from an early age, Owen began to grasp the pivotal role economic and financial factors played in all aspects of life. This realization instilled in him a deep-seated drive to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the subject, recognizing its vital connection to achieving success in any endeavor. “I always knew I’d have a career in some aspect of finance, and it’s what drove my education and career choices.”

It was while Owen pursued a degree in finance at the University of Western Ontario that he first interned for Newport. In his second summer at the firm, Owen analyzed the asset mix of over 1,000 different investment portfolios to create a detailed picture of how most affluent Canadians are invested. “That initial project really solidified my understanding of how the type of diversification that Newport offers is differentiated from what is broadly offered,” Owen says.

Owen joined Newport full time in 2021, and that initial project became the basis for what he does today. Owen supports the firm’s Portfolio Managers, creating investment proposals that identify how Newport can provide new clients with more asset class diversification than what they currently hold in their portfolios. He also works with members of the Newport team to create streamlined communications tools to present complex information. Owen is currently pursuing his CFA® credentials, further underscoring his commitment to professional growth.

A Toronto native, Owen is an entrepreneur at heart and is driven to continually add to his understanding of new technologies, particularly advancements in blockchain and AI. He balances this with his love of physical activity and travel. Owen travels as much as he can to his second “home” on St. Kitts and Nevis, enjoying the picturesque West Indies landscapes.