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16 Books for Your Summer Reading List

Today marks the official start to summer, and with that comes long weekends, lazy days on the beach or relaxing times at the cottage. Looking for your next favourite book to while away the hours? We’ve tapped into the diverse interests of our Newport team to see what’s topping their reading lists this summer. From enthralling fiction and personal development to future trendspotting, travelogues and brushing up your golf game, there’s something for everyone on this eclectic list.

Inspiring Reads

“I have been listening to a lot of Ryan Holiday this year. In addition to listening to The Daily Stoic podcast, I am currently reading Ego Is the Enemy, which explores how the ego can stifle success in various aspects of life, including personal and professional growth,” says Kyle Smith, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. The book provides advice on cultivating humility, resilience, and a realistic sense of self to achieve true success and fulfillment.

Portfolio Manager Jansen Shrubb is revisiting a personal favourite, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, a powerful reminder of how a positive outlook can transform our overall success and happiness.

For those looking for a spiritual journey, When You Don’t See His Plan by Nadine Hennesey with Rebecca Baker is the choice of Account Administrator Jennifer Samms. A touching narrative based on true events, the book delves into the challenges and triumphs of faith, providing readers with a deeply personal account that inspires and uplifts.


“With two young kids and the volume of reading I do on the economy, economic history, and the markets, those few moments to relax at the cottage is when I reach for a book,” says Ian Maclean, Portfolio Manager. On his short list is Homo Deus by Yuval Harari, in which the author reflects on the future of mankind after penning his bestselling book Sapiens.

Owen Clarke, Manager, Business and Client Development, is reading Situational Awareness: The Decade Ahead by former OpenAI executive Leopold Aschenbrenner. In this essay series, available for free online, Aschenbrenner outlines the projected landscape of AI and a forward-looking analysis on emerging global trends shaping its future.


“Summer is the perfect time for some ‘brain candy’,'” says Andrea Whitehead, Operations Manager. She’s thoroughly enjoying The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. “The series features a rogue robot with a delightfully snarky attitude—ideal for light, entertaining summer reading.”

Derek Whitson, Associate Portfolio Manager, is engrossed in the Booker Prize-winning novel Prophet Song by Paul Lynch. It’s a dystopian tale set in modern-day Ireland that mirrors some unsettling truths about today’s political climate. Whiston is an Irish native, and the book’s local connection and recent accolades made it a must-read on his list.

Portfolio Administrator Silvia Ciobota and Portfolio Manager Caitlin Chapman are exploring powerful narratives about women’s lives and struggles. Ciobota is immersed in The Women by Kristin Hannah, while Chapman champions Looking for Jane by Heather Marshall, a poignant look at women’s rights history in Toronto. “Looking for Jane is a reminder of the sacrifices women have made and the freedom that we get to experience today as a result,” says Caitlin. “It’s the best book I’ve read this year.”

Samms is reading a book about another strong female character: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The book offers a profound exploration of race, love, and identity, and follows the story of a young Nigerian woman who navigates complex social terrains in America and the UK.

Wealth and Relationships

Portfolio Manager Jamie Lloyd is enjoying The Happy Inheritor by Dr. Tom Deans. “The book describes how some people transfer wealth with great care and joy while others use their wealth to control and destroy relationships. If silence is the great destroyer of family wealth, The Happy Inheritor reveals how successful families talk openly about the last taboo—money!”

Sports and Leisure

Managing Director and Portfolio Manager Michael Vanderburgh is focusing on two non-fiction picks. The Four Foundations of Golf by Jon Sherman offers keen insights on refining golf skills, while Taste, My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci provides a delightful blend of personal anecdotes and culinary experiences.

MacLean is also adding Golf on the Rocks: A Journey Round Scotland’s Island Courses, by Gary Sutherland to his list. This non-fiction travelogue explores the unique and often quirky golf courses located on the Scottish Isles, providing a blend of travel, adventure, and golfing insights.

History and Science

Along with her fiction picks, Whitehead is tackling some heavier reads. In The Earth Transformed, Peter Frankopan offers a compelling look at climate change through the ages, while Magisteria: The Entangled Histories of Science and Religion by Nicholas Spencer, explores the intricate dance between these two disciplines throughout history.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, unwinding in a hammock, or staying cool indoors, our team’s picks provide plenty of options to enrich your summer days. Happy reading!