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  • 07/06/2023
    Long before Owen Clarke was old enough to open his own investment account, he was fascinated with the world of finance. Exposed to financial news media from an early age, Owen began to grasp the pivotal role economic and financial factors played in all aspects of life. This realization ... Keep Reading "Owen Clarke" >
  • 09/24/2018
    At a young, impressionable age, Amélie remembers her dad reviewing company financial statements with her and explaining why he was making certain investment decisions. With three children in the family, including her handicapped older brother, she recalls many family discussions about financial ... Keep Reading "Amélie Beauregard" >
  • 09/12/2016
    If there is one element of Newport’s philosophy that resonates with Matt, it is that exceptional performance is the by-product of consistency, resilience, and innovation, regardless of market conditions. Prior to joining Newport in 2002, Matt worked as an analyst with boutique firms in Toronto ... Keep Reading "Matt Reynolds" >