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  • 02/02/2024
    If there’s one thing that stands out in Jonathan’s mind, it’s that communication and delivery are paramount. “We can prepare the best wealth plan on the street, but the ability to communicate it in a meaningful way—and make it happen—is what makes the difference,” he says. Jonathan is a ... Keep Reading "Jonathan McMurrich" >
  • 10/06/2023
    Jordan’s path to investment management began with a chance encounter. While working in travel & tourism marketing, Jordan ran into a university friend who was a financial advisor. Hearing about the industry intrigued Jordan and it wasn’t long before he found himself making the leap to ... Keep Reading "Jordan Youl" >
  • 09/26/2023
    Like many Newport employees, Aidan Peacock grew up playing every sport under the sun, with a special love for baseball. The lessons he learned through sports instilled the conviction that teamwork is critical to success. Those beliefs translate to his approach to wealth management. “Too many ... Keep Reading "Aidan Peacock" >
  • 08/10/2023
    Hockey was Scott’s passion growing up, yet he admits that the sport didn’t come easy. “I was never the fastest or the most skilled, so I relied heavily on my relentless drive and competitive nature to play at the highest level I possibly could,” he says. That commitment led to a hockey ... Keep Reading "Scott Campbell" >
  • 08/10/2023
    Mark recalls money being a constant topic of conversation around the dinner table when he and his parents first arrived to Canada as new immigrants. While he didn’t fully understand at the time that his parents were making do with very little, it gave root to the idea that financial stability ... Keep Reading "Mark Aloysius" >
  • 08/02/2023
    Jamie MacNicol grew up in a family of overachievers. “In a good way,” he says, explaining that it was an environment that nurtured collaboration and teamwork as the path to success. “My parents instilled a sense of hard work, accountability, and, above all, trust that formed the foundation of ... Keep Reading "Jamie MacNicol" >
  • 07/06/2023
    Evgeniya Pollock has a deep passion for solving riddles. To her, financial planning is like one big puzzle—each element needs to fit together seamlessly. After completing her Master’s in Economics from University of Toronto, Evgeniya embarked on her career as a financial advisor working for a ... Keep Reading "Evgeniya Pollock" >
  • 07/06/2023
    Long before Owen Clarke was old enough to open his own investment account, he was fascinated with the world of finance. Exposed to financial news media from an early age, Owen began to grasp the pivotal role economic and financial factors played in all aspects of life. This realization ... Keep Reading "Owen Clarke" >
  • 11/02/2022
    Although Erika grew up in the investment industry through her family’s business, her path to a successful career in finance did not follow a typical route. She pursued her passion for the arts with an undergraduate degree in Art History and a fledging career in the not-for-profit world. When an ... Keep Reading "Erika Friesen" >
  • 06/17/2022
    Alan Pilkey’s client-centric values and ethical attitude have been at the root of his successful 20+ years in the financial services industry. Alan has successfully used his education, designations and experience to help individuals and families with their wealth planning needs. Upon graduation ... Keep Reading "Alan Pilkey" >